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And it is complete


Day 2

Goose Flying 3 Panel

I am currently working on 2 Three panel paintings. One at the studio in oil and this one at home in acrylic.

These three panel paintings allow  me to paint out of the 4″ by 12″ prison that I have created for myself. They are still 4″ by 12″ individually,  they just combine to make a 12″ by 12″ Square.

Now normally I don’t like photographing unfinished work in fear of never getting it look better than it did when photographed. I no longer feel this way, if I paint a crappy painting I will just paint another one. I am doing 365 of them.

This painting is about a thought I had often when I was young. What do the birds think of us. Are they conscious of us? Do they recognize shapes in freeways and farmland. Do they ever say to themselves……” Wow that mountain is perfectly square and it has square holes in it…weird”? I guess what I am asking is can they distinguish natural and unnatural things and do they care?

A mallard flying must see a lot of interesting things in a single day of flight.

Is There Cheating in Art?

I am working on a three panel painting of two Horses running. They are very thick and very gestural. I plan on spending a few days on them.

I have completed two other paintings but I don’t have a computer at the studio so I will post them all together.

Some thoughts I have on using technology in art creation.

Well a lot of people ask me how I come up with my paintings and do I use visual aids?  I use everything, Photographs, imagination, and direct observation.

I think to avoid using technology in ones art is like hiding out in  bomb shelter. Your art will not grow with the world round you. These tools exist and as artist we need to use anything and everything we can get to convey our message. But with this being said we need to use caution.

For a while last year I was using masking tape to create paintings(The Painting is above). The straight lines that were created were cleaner than any line I could ever paint. A fellow artist asked me how I achieved this as the painting was much cleaner than all of my other paintings. I explained how it was created using masking tape. He say oh you cheated.  I do not agree with him. In order to cheat there has to be rules. There are no rules in art so there is no cheating. If you can pull of a strong painting with a projector or trace an image on a canvas then go for it.

The problem people get onto when using technology is that they use it s a crutch and not a step.  A lot of the time you can look at a painting and it looks just like it was painted using  projector or a photo. There is no cheating in art  but you may leave the viewer feeling cheated if you cheapen your process.

Art is an illusion. The artist should be creative enough to let the viewer move beyond the process. If the viewer can see through the process then the artwork is pointless. The magician can not let the audience see the card  he has under his sleeve.

No Painting

I just had some ice cream and I am feeling really lazy so I am not going to paint tonight. I have a painting on deck at the studio.

Tonights Painting

A lot of cars to paint in one night. What a mind workout.

I need an Intervention

I have been painting so often lately that I feel like somebody is going to give me an intervention. One day I’m gonna come home and my whole family is going to be at my house with an off duty police duty guarding my exit.

I could paint for  12 hours a day everyday no problem. If I had tht kind of time I would.

I paint everyday  and through this routine the process becomes so natural. I get to a point where painting is as natrual as speaking.  The brush becomes my  voice. Tonight I did a painting in oil at the Art Studio. I love Oil and I love Acrylic. In both mediums I am going to the same point but I get there in very different ways. It was nice to be in the studio tonight. I listened to the giants game and painted in a deserted studio. No photo, but I will post it soon