June 3 2010

Work was ok today. A lot of stuff went wrong but that is why they pay me. I am taking  training course for work which I have a test next Wednesday. I have to study for so I have to paint quickly if I want to do both.

This painting is of Bernal hill from 16th street. In my head before I painted it I was kinda all over the place and anxious from work.  When I started the painting in my head I was negative. Accepting that this painting would fail and I was concerned with the outcome. About an hour in I started to feel very relaxed and I was painting again because it was enjoyable. I think the frustration in the beginning comes from the work day. At first I treat the painting as work. Half way through I remember ahhhhhhh I am not at work and I am painting. I become less concerned with the outcome and life is simple and good again.

This may be  leap but here it goes. Bernal Hill on top is a very relaxing place. 16th street is a very busy place. One is work and one is enjoyment as is my day .


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