Goose Flying 3 Panel

I am currently working on 2 Three panel paintings. One at the studio in oil and this one at home in acrylic.

These three panel paintings allow  me to paint out of the 4″ by 12″ prison that I have created for myself. They are still 4″ by 12″ individually,  they just combine to make a 12″ by 12″ Square.

Now normally I don’t like photographing unfinished work in fear of never getting it look better than it did when photographed. I no longer feel this way, if I paint a crappy painting I will just paint another one. I am doing 365 of them.

This painting is about a thought I had often when I was young. What do the birds think of us. Are they conscious of us? Do they recognize shapes in freeways and farmland. Do they ever say to themselves……” Wow that mountain is perfectly square and it has square holes in it…weird”? I guess what I am asking is can they distinguish natural and unnatural things and do they care?

A mallard flying must see a lot of interesting things in a single day of flight.


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