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I am not on Vacation

I am not on vacation anymore. I had a great week off of work and I think these paintings show this freedom I had with some time off. There is not a single car in any of these paintings. My family and I stayed in a cute little cabin in Lake Tahoe.  The Cabin had barrack  style bedding upstairs where my niece, nephew, girlfriend, brother sister and I slept. Mom and dad slept on the fold out bed downstairs. No Internet, no TV it was great to get way from that stuff for a week.
The cabin had a deck that had a 180 degrees view of lake Tahoe. In the mornings the deck was fool of birds and chipmunks. These animals became the subject for most of my paintings. In one painting however I did a still life of some freshly caught trout. It was good to have a break from urbanization in and out of my paintings.
Although I did get my share of the casinos. My last night I pulled an all nighter at the craps table with my brother.  I love craps, It is the closest a non celebrity can come to feeling like a celebrity. Winning money also makes the experience more enjoyable.
Now it’s back to reality, back to getting up early, and back to work. Some people say they would get bored if they were financially stable and they had no need for work. I am defiantly not one of those people.



I will still be painting everyday but not updating my blog

I will be in Lake Tahoe. Maybe I will do some plein air or paint some people gambling, or gamble while painting, or just gamble and drink.


It’s Elephant Week #110

A natural creature in a man made land. It is s he is looking for nature and it has all been developed, there is none left. He just wonders but never finds what he is looking for.

It’s a Zoo Out There

Elephant Chasing Businessman.

A while ago I did a painting called People Eaters. It was a painting of two giant construction workers chowing down on  tiny horrified business people. I was recently at the owners  house and I got re-acquainted with this painting. In this painting I wanted to revisit the theme of giant verses small as I did in art School at UC Santa Cruz.