A Powerful Tool

This is a powerful tool I have learned. I have not perfected it yet but I will.

It allows me to describe two things at once on the same painting. When I perfect it I will be able to be very obvious with my spliced imagery or very sneaky making the second image jump out at you. The painting I did tonight  where my face is splice upon a freeway almost lets off a creepy godly look. As I am the angry creator of mankind. I am very excited to explore this more. I could of took this painting further but I wanted to leave incomplete so I can remember how this process started.

My idea for my next painting is to explore some darker subject matter. I want to do a painting about the cold war.

At times I think why I painting 365 of these. I feel like I am not ble to finish paintings as I would like. But when I have breakthroughs like this one I realize the importance of this project. I get to do 365 trail and errors. They are not always going to work out but when they do I have a skill set that I will use to create larger, more developed paintings. These are just prototypes.

I have no time to paint anything else but these small 4 by 12 paintings, as I give them all my artistic energy. As a prisoner dreams about what he is going to do when he gets out of Prison, I dream of what I am going to paint when this project is over. I can’t wait to finish this project but at the same time I realize it’s importance.


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