My Best Painting Yet

Often when I paint a successful painting, as I did tonight, I ask myself, why don’t I always paint this way. The answer to that is before tonight I did not now how to paint this way and the truth is I will never paint another one exactly like it. I will try to paint a similar one, using the same pallet and process but it will never be successful in the same way.  When you first complete a successful painting you do not even know it at first. And think god you got lucky enough to stop at the right point. I am sure I have painted masterpieces before and was to stupid to know it at the time and continued to over work the painting. When a painting works out there are a lot of things that need to fall into place.
With that being said and understanding that I will never recreate this painting as it will never be more successfull, I can describe why it went right. For one the under painting is huge. All of the yellow highlights come from digging into the bottom of the painting. The second thing is that it describes a scene but it also describes a fluid gestural flow of color. It is tight and loose at the same time. This was achieved by using 95% palette knife.

It feels good to nail one.


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