Monthly Archives: September 2010


Just Another Freeway

Just kept building layers until I reach a point where I am satisfied.

My goal is to show motion and atmospheric effects so that at the vanishing point the freeway reaches it’s climax.  The entire freeway with all it’s lanes is in full effect at the vanishing point. This draws the viewer in and overwhelms them at that point.

Pin up Model

This is not  freeway, I did not feel like painting one.

I wanted to paint an old vintage swimsuit model. Like the pinup model soldiers would put in there protective helmets. I tried to make it look old and faded as it would if it had been through rain and sweat.

This is a dark one

This is now. These are scenes that people see everyday.As a artist today, I try the best I can to paint the world as I see it.

Buffalo Series Complete

It’s not fast painting but good painting’s painted quickly

Well one may say that this painting is one the people would expect for someone who is attempting to do a painting everyday. To be honest part of me feels this way. And to be perfectly honest I am tired and I want to go to bed.

This painting was painted quickly however these lines lie underneath every painting I do. The only way to show these lines is to not over work them.


BUY BUY BUY SAVE SAVE SAVE. I painted a Faceless lady in a yellow dress and then on top of her I wrote SAVE BUY SAVE BUY over and over. I did this for two hours.