I remember when I was small maybe six I would go fishing on the Sacramento river traveling by car. My brothers would tell me that the draw bridge was going up. The would then rev the engine and pretend we would have to jump it. I remember being so scared dunking my head and bracing for impact. This painting may be a result of that child hood memory. I was very gullible when I was young and I think that is why I have a defensive personality today. At some point in childhood i realised that people were fooling me, as a result I became weary of everyone. I developed defences and I became tough so people would not mess with me. I would never go out looking for trouble but if someone did me wrong then look out. Today I still have at these defience. Sometimes they are warranted and sometimes I am overly protective. I really think this does go back to when I was very young and believed everything. Also being Italian may have something to do with it.


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