A 16 panel Painting to Come

The painting I am working on at the art studio is 16 panel painting. Each painting will be unique but be part of a greater cause.
A large bison takes the main stage and around him will be chaos. Urbanization will surround him completely. The Buffalo” the positive space” will be grazing but there will be nothing to graze. I’m trying do paint the Buffalo with dignity. I want the viewer to see the eyes through the large animal and feel his pain.
That is the concept now, but my paintings have a way of changing on me. Being the artist “the captain of the painting”  you would think I have absolute control of where my painting is going. In fact I am no captain, I would say I am more of a leisurely windsurfer. I just hold on and the wind takes me on a ride. Often time I just sit back and watch my paintings paint themselves.
I am very excited to what happens with this in the next couple weeks, I will photograph soon.

To start I did a ruff sketch of the Bison on all of the canvases. Now each day I will fill in a separate canvas working in the negative space around the Bison.


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