A Sneak Peak

It is coming along now. The scary thing about this series within a series is that it is big. Being big it may be the first thing people see when viewing this project as a whole. So if it does not work it stands out. I have painted some small ones that I am not super happy with but when you put them next to 365 other paintings it works. Unity in numbers.
I worked and worked on this series of 16 for days and felt like I was going nowhere. Tonight I think I have broken through. The struggle is over. It’s all down hill from here. As I’m watching this painting unfold I am seeing manifest destiny . I was going to add Jesus in this painting but I talked myself out of it. It’s to strong of a statement. That would be spelling the painting out to much for the viewer. Also it my take on a meaning that I don’t want. Instead I will add a church to get my point a cross.


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