Brain Painting

With this project you must entertain yourself. I often find a challenge entertaining. Thus the natural progression of this project grows through challenges. My new challenge is painting from my mind. It is a challenge but let me tell you it feels good. It’s kinda like when Forrest Gump ran for the first time and broke his leg braces and sprinted through the football game.

I have scoured google image search for traffic scenes. I have probably browsed through 100,000 freeway pictures since May. These images have been very useful but it is time to move on. I no longer need the crutches. All the images I need are in my brain. I used to think painting in plein air was a pure approach but even the you re relaying on something that is physically there. Brain painting is a full mind work out. The end result is organic and a new creation. Something that was never there before in any way shape or form.

When I was young maybe 14 or 15 someone asked me how I was able to paint things to look like the things I am painting. I told that person “we are all capable of creating images of things we see because we all dream. When we dream are mind is creating visual images on its own. Creating the image is just training yourself to access that part of the mind where the images are stored” I have not thought about this in a very long time but I still remember saying that.


One response to “Brain Painting

  1. 🙂 it was nice to meet an other artist who works every day!

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