These two were painted over the course of open Studios. The one with the purple circle I cannot take 100% credit for. I little girl, I wish i got her name, was curious about me painting. So I gave her the paints and let her finish this one. The girls got talent and her color choices worked for the painting. If I could get a whole bunch of kids to paint these for me it will be a lot easier.
Thanks for everyone who came out to Open Studios.
I am so ready for bed.


2 responses to “SUPER TIRED

  1. Hi there! Just wanted to say that it was so great of you to just hand over your canvas to my daughter Mai-An. It really made her day, and it was tough prying her away. It is so cool for a kid to have an experience that makes art so fun and accessible. Sorry that left corner became part of a trippy paint mixing activity! Anyway, thanks for sending her home with a blank canvas…we’ll be sure to share a picture of the results with you!

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