Color Study

I am over the hump and I am getting closer to May 2nd 2011 everyday. I will have to say that this artistic marathon is starting to to wear on me.
I have picked up the pace. I am putting more time and energy into these paintings and I am going to try to do so for the duration of the project. I did not start this project because it was going to be easy and I did not expect it to be.
Today I really did not feel like painting at first. Then about half way through my mind started to relax. I was no longer painting because I had to or I wanted to, I was just painting. I got to a certain point where I was watching my hand paint the painting. As if I was an observer watching another artists hand. It is getting easier to travle to this deep meditative state. This is probably simply the result of painting everyday. Or it could be the fumes.


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