Some new ones

Well I had photographed all of my new ones but I left my camera at the studio. Well I hope it’s at the studio……Fast forward 20 minutes later after I road my bike to the studio and back in the rain and found my camera on the chair…..Paint fumes and lack of sleep.
Well here they are

The paintings are mostly inspired by a book that my friend Tom brought by the studio. The book is called traveling by train. Inside it is beautiful painted advertisements for the railroad. He showed me the book and I was like in love with it. I have been using this book as reference. In he big one”California Beaches ” I used sand paper on the finishing steps to make the painting looked aged s it would if was painted fifty years ago. I just love the bright colors of these advertisement. They are so bright and inviting.
I have been working out t the gym 3 days a week so by the time i get to the studio it 9:00PM. I ran for an hour on the treadmill today. I love it. I just throw on Seinfeld or that 70’s show and start running. TV shows seem to be really interesting when you are running. I think you get that runners high and it makes things more enjoyable. Ok I am blabbing…well it is my blog I can blab right? Where was I going with this? Oh well when I get back to the studio after working out I paint differently. I am not anxious. Also I used to stare at my paintings and think about what I was going to do for hours. Now I get to the studio so late in the night that there is no dead time. I paint and I don’t think about making mistakes, I just move. If I didn’t I would never get to bed.


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