Night Scene

Well first of I think this is a scene that pretty much everybody in the modern world can relate to. I think it is a scene that we all can relate to. It is a scene that creates moods for me and invokes memories. The memories I get from this is being a child and falling asleep in the car on the way home from my aunts house. It was so nice to be little and fall asleep in the car and wake up in your bed the next morning. I still remember that, my mom would carry me in and put me to sleep without me even waking up. I wish I could still have that happen today. Fall asleep at a movie and wake up the next day in bed.

This painting did not take me long but sme of my best paintings have only taken minutes. Then again some of my best paintings have taken months. What I am saying is time is not a factor. When you get it you get. If it takes 3 months or thirty minutes it does not matter or make it any better.


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