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I dont know why!


The Macher Collection

This series of freeways of San Francisco Traffic scenes.

They are scenes that are from a birds eye view as if they were all viewpoints of a flying pigeon. I often wonder what birds see and what they think of all of us. When I look at these paintings I like think of it as if I was the bird looking at the traffic. When painting thee traffic scenes I like to look at the traffic not as traffic but as form color and light, as a bird would see it. I really paint the traffic because it is a beautiful form. Even though traffic itself is very ugly. I have tried to paint other things but traffic is what I love to paint. Humanity, falling into a colorful vanishing point. The paintings are not so much about cars but more about the people in the cars.

This series of paintings was done over the last three days. I would say I have put at least 26 hours in on them. It was a total paint binge as I mentioned yesterday. This is the first time since I started the 365 project that I have been able to not paint 4 by 12. I painted 10 by 30. I was like a freed wild animal when I got to paint on these large canvases. It was like all the 4 by 12 paintings were training for this large scale. It was good to step out of my four by 12 prison but it was only a short visit. Now it is back to prison. One thing this series has showed me is just how much I have learned on the 4 by 12. This 365 project has made me a better painter and it shows through the Macher Collection!

Paint Binge

I feel like a junky. I have left the house once to get a super burrito but other than that all I can say that I have done is worked on paintings. We are talking bout 12 hours of painting today. It would be easy to disappear for months. Stop paying bills, stop answering the phone, stop everything and fall into an artistic time warp. I think most serious artist has this fantasy  to disconnect from everything.

One Idea is to check into a mental institute. All of your meals would be prepared for you and all you would have to do is wake up paint all day and then go to bed in your clean padded room. Sounds tempting but I fear they may take you’re paint away from you. Then you would just be in a mental institution……As for me this paint binge ends tomorrow. I have things I got to do but it was a fun and productive binge!

John’s Painting 2 of 3

What a lucky guy. He owns my best night scene ever!

uhhh not 4 by 12

This is part of a commission painting for a good friend,


A Monal is rare colorful bird. I was fortunate enough to encounter this beautiful bird on a walk one night.

Me and Laurie the 2nd

This is me and my Niece Laurie the 2nd name after my mother .