I am colorblind. I can see many colors but I get some mixed up. Browns and greens and blues and purple are the colors I mix up the most. I have names for these colors. I call blue or purple colors that I get confused plurple, and greens and browns that I get confused breen.

I don’t know if until now I was ever ok with being colorblind.
When I found out I was colorblind when I was very young. I remember taking that test where you see those line through the color maps. I remember a man came to our school and gave us all a test. He asked me to follow the line with my finger and make the shape that I see. I did not see a shape.
So I faked it. I pretended that I saw something and drew it with my finger. I did not want to be weird, all the other kids could see it why couldn’t I? My attempts to fake the line did not work. I still remember this day and I was devastated when the man told me all the things I could never do. He told me that I could never fly a plane. I remember being crushed. Thinking about this now as a grown up I think this guy was. could of told my parents and they could of told me the news in a way that I could handle. That’s the worst thing you can tell a kid with a huge imagenation as I had. After that I did not tell people about me being colorblind. It was sore subject.
There are some funny stories about being a colorblind artist later on in highschool. I started getting a bit know as a painter. A girl name Rachel English asked me if I would paint her. I talked her into doing nude. She was a woman and I was still a boy. I was nervous but excited. I remember it was a very cold night at my parents house in Sacramento. When she arrived I had been trying to heat the back shed where I was to paint her. I had like three heaters going and I tripped a breaker. This started the night off…well off. When we finally got the lights back on I began painting. She took her clothes of and I started to mix her flesh tones. Only problem was dark and you see I had not mastered the art of mixing flesh tones yet and I was nervous…Naked girl in the back shed…… I grabbed a green instead of a brown. I mixed white in the green and to me this green looked like a light brown( i get green and brown mixed up. they can look the same to me. I finished the painting and when she looked at it she said well it looks good but why am I green…..It is very hard to explain green flesh and I think my face must of turned an bright red.

I think that I always have resented being colorblind. I have hid it from most people. In fact I went through two years at UC Santa Cruz and nobody ever new. I even taught a begging color theory lesson to a class one day. For a while I was convinced that I was not colorblind and it was the rest of the world that saw everything wrong.

I have always wondered what some of the colors look like that I can’t see. If I had the choice now to correct my eyes I would not take it though. I like the way I see the world.
For the first time in my life I am looking of it as a advantage instead of a hindrance.


One response to “COLORBLIND

  1. Wow, that is an awesome story.. really full of passion.. Thanks for the insight and how you have adapted and overcome what some would say is a limitation!
    You are amazing.. and I love your stories.. I would have loved to have seen the “green naked lady”..

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