It’s night outside

OK, So this is good. I have more confidence that I used to with night scenes. It is almost like I am not painting a night scene anymore.

This is the mission outside of my house on 26th and mission. I love  representing the Mission in my paintings because I love the Mission. I can go weeks without leaving the Mission. When I do leave the mission I felt like I am in another city. Like when me and my buddy (Tom Flanagan, a nice guy) went to Heathers Birthday party in SOMA.! I think I was haveing culture shock. But then when I had the late night crepe I calmed back down. Ok I know what you are asking….what music were you listing to when you painted this. Well I started off with Young Jeezy” Trap or Die 2″ I like me some real ghetto music some times. My favorite Ghetto music is Plies. The way I see it if you are going to listen to hood music it should be real hood.

From that I went to, and I am only makeing this public becuse  I am such a man that I am ok with admitting it. I listened to Taylor Swift, Speak now(Deluxe Edition). The girl has an amazing vioce and I like how she puts all of her old boyfriends that broke her heart in her songs. I watched the VH1 special on her the last time I was at the gym. Ill take i picture of my self holding a giant wrench later to prove to you I am still a man.

This painting is about capturing the mood of the mission. As if you were squinting you’re eyes so you just see the bright lights…..


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