Jesus Mary and the three Wise Men

I am not religious. I don’t know what I believe in really. I know enough about things that I don’t know not to try to understand them. I am not counting anything out or in. My religious beliefs are the same of an wild migrating animal.

Wild animals migrate across alligator invested waters just because they know they have to survive. A force drives them across this river, call it survival, instinct, or faith. I think science can explain why they cross the river, to pro create. But it can not explain the force behind this desire.

I don’t know understand or try to understand what makes us and the animals have this desire to survive. I don’t think we are meant to understand this.We are just here to the best we can to feel this force and let it flow through us. Thats all I can tell you about my beliefs.

With that being said as an artist I am drawn to powerful images. An artist who depicted biblical scenes such a Caravaggio was kind of a like a modern photo Journalist. He was not creating a painting that depicts his beliefs as the journalist is not capturing a story that he or she always believes in. The Journalist is drawn to the powerful stories because it gives his or her medium substance to flow through. As an artist I often don’t full heartfully believe in everything I paint. You take on subjects matter that makes your medium work. Now you can call this shallow, but I call that dedication to the process. A hardcore artist gets obsessed with his medium and he becomes intrigued by it’s ability to convey a message, no matter what that message may be. With this being said I thinkĀ  passionate artist will not paint something they absolutely does not believe in or something that is morally wrong. The artist hand will not allow him to paint it.

Wow that was a mouth full…I wonder if anyone will make it through that paragraph above. Anyways Merry Christmas, I did not feel like painting a Christmas tree with presents under it.


One response to “Jesus Mary and the three Wise Men

  1. Linda Radwanski

    Well described and well received. Great job and great and more appropriate to me than the Christmas tree. Thanks, Tony

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