The Macher Collection

This series of freeways of San Francisco Traffic scenes.

They are scenes that are from a birds eye view as if they were all viewpoints of a flying pigeon. I often wonder what birds see and what they think of all of us. When I look at these paintings I like think of it as if I was the bird looking at the traffic. When painting thee traffic scenes I like to look at the traffic not as traffic but as form color and light, as a bird would see it. I really paint the traffic because it is a beautiful form. Even though traffic itself is very ugly. I have tried to paint other things but traffic is what I love to paint. Humanity, falling into a colorful vanishing point. The paintings are not so much about cars but more about the people in the cars.

This series of paintings was done over the last three days. I would say I have put at least 26 hours in on them. It was a total paint binge as I mentioned yesterday. This is the first time since I started the 365 project that I have been able to not paint 4 by 12. I painted 10 by 30. I was like a freed wild animal when I got to paint on these large canvases. It was like all the 4 by 12 paintings were training for this large scale. It was good to step out of my four by 12 prison but it was only a short visit. Now it is back to prison. One thing this series has showed me is just how much I have learned on the 4 by 12. This 365 project has made me a better painter and it shows through the Macher Collection!


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