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More night

I am just making these up from my head. I had some visual refrences but they fell out of my back pocket. I think this was  blessing inid disquise. It’s more than just copying now it creating a scene. You have to remember or imagine what lights do at night. How they tper and bounce off of things. A real mind work out.



Right now it just feels right. It does reflect my moods. Now don’t confuse this with depression because I am anything but that. I just feel dark or serious.  I don’t feel very playful. Latley I have not felt like partying or drinking or anything like that. I just feel like getting stuff done. I feel like being productive. I have been getting up very early 5:00AM when it is still dark out So I geuss that darkness is a symbol for hard work me. I like the city at 5:00AM. I like have three hours of time before work to get stuff done while the city still sleeps. I like morning dark.

Super Quesadilla with no Cheese????????

So first of this is a one in ten painting meaning out of every 10 I paint there is one stronger one that stands out. These are the ones that I don’t let the animals wonder through. I am glad I stuck with the nite paintings long enough to produce this. … WAit I am at elfarolito right now and some dude just ordered a super  quesadilla with no cheese.  I herd the guy at the counter repeat is question in a strange tone as if he was saying are you sure. I asked the man dude did you just order a quesadilla with no cheese. The man did not reply he  as rather angry with me.  I did not meen to make a scene I just had never scene that happen before and I wanted to make sure it was actually happening… I should keep my mouth shut in public! Super burrito is here.

I said I was over the NIGHT….I LIED!!!!!!!

I was going to not paint anymore darkness but I just have not got it all out yet. A dark energy has come over me. I am joining the darkside.

One thing I wanted to right down. I told my studio mate this and she said you should use that so I will. I told her I like to paint over my paintings with no regard for them. I was refering to when I have animals invade my urban landscapes. With this whole night series I think it would be cool to have like a raccoon walking through three rows of canvas with those crazy eyes.

What did I do today. Woke up at 500AM said mean words to the alarm clock. Yes woke up alone, the single life. Finally got up around 5:30. Ate a banana and went to the gym. Worked out until like 7:00 and then sat in the sauna for a half an hour. Made it to work around 8:00. Unlike that Julia Child lady, I don’t talk about work in my blog, because that just gets you in trouble no matter what you say. Then I went to the studio at around 5:30. Painted for two hours and now I am home updating my blog. Now I am going to study engineering books for a couple of hours…….I hope nobody has made it this far in my day because it is pretty boring. But what I wanted to talk about is the gym. What I say if you are not sweating then you are not working out. I see a lot of guys at the gym who have big arm muscles and huge necks and also a huge gut. What is the point. I mean to each his own but I don’t see why anybody would just sit there and focus on how much they can lift. This does not prepare you’re body for life. You mine as well stretch out you’re nose and see how long you can get it. There are a lot of people on the other hand that do work out there whole body at the gym and that is who I should concentrate my efforts and energy on. I am working on  his whole positive thing but I don’t know why sometimes things just make me mad and I have to tell someone so it does not bug me anymore. By this point nobody is listing but it feels good to get that of my chest. I geuse people have different standards for fit, and that is ok. Just as people have diffrent standards for blogging. Someone may say that my blog is cool but does he always have to spell things wrong. Word press has spell check you know. Long story short who am I to judge. I should just go there work out and not get involved with others peoples lives……..hope you like my latest painting.

Back into the light

So I explore something get into it and ride it until it has run its coarse. The dark phase is over now, I got it out of my system.


There is something to be said about darkness. The nothing describes the something. You actually paint nothing to describe the something.

Do you evr google youreself? sometimes it’s sad what comes up first!