Super Quesadilla with no Cheese????????

So first of this is a one in ten painting meaning out of every 10 I paint there is one stronger one that stands out. These are the ones that I don’t let the animals wonder through. I am glad I stuck with the nite paintings long enough to produce this. … WAit I am at elfarolito right now and some dude just ordered a super  quesadilla with no cheese.  I herd the guy at the counter repeat is question in a strange tone as if he was saying are you sure. I asked the man dude did you just order a quesadilla with no cheese. The man did not reply he  as rather angry with me.  I did not meen to make a scene I just had never scene that happen before and I wanted to make sure it was actually happening… I should keep my mouth shut in public! Super burrito is here.


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