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28 February, 2011 00:10

Sunday, time to shave.


27 February, 2011 18:20

A lot of my inspiration of San Francisco City Scapes comes from this spot. You have to jump a fence and walk along small trail. Then you get to this view. There are backpacks and tarps it is used as a spot for homeless to sleep at night. I have always wanted to go here and get some pictures at night but I am to scared to go down there after dark. My brother Nate is looking like a bum these days so I was going to have him go there at night to get some good picks. He will fit right in!
Since I am on the topic of homeless, have you ever seen the movie with Robert Dinero Born to Win. In this movie (George Segal) is a former hairdresser turned heroin addict trying to satisfy his $100 per day habit. There is one part in this movie where he explains that when he gets up in the morning he knows exactly what he wants do  is get his Fix. “Being a Junkie is a lot like being an artist”. When I am on the hunt on a binge so to speak and I wake up there is only one thing that I want. I want my fix. I want to paint. There are times in my life where I have everything under control and I can get things done and still paint. Then there are other times where all I want to do is paint and the rest of my life has a tendency to spiral out of control as a result. Life is quite simple being a Junkie, because you know exactly what you want to do.


Heading to Ferry building with the parents


When I crash at a friends house I not only bring myself but my paints. It’s like a part of me know. I am a person that is there in the conversation but not 100% maybe 50% because I am painting. I I have got good at splicing painting  into my life. Painting everywhere is something I have gotten used to but  I think others, like the rest of the world has not.

Got a little stirr crazy in the at studio yesterday. Me and Tom decided to do some painting outside a Delores Park. I bragged to tom, dud we will just throw some paints in a box and carry it out there. Tom tried to poor out some yellow and the top blew of. It was complete wardrobe destruction. His socks, shoes, coat, and sweatshirt were lost on this cold Day.

I don’t want to tell you how long this painting took, but it took a long time.

Self Blog Therapy….There are some really good murals in my neighborhood

One time somebody told me something at my studio. I am not talking crap because I am trying this whole positive thing but hey I got to talk about something. But anyways he told me that I should use a projector. He told me that when he was in art school he spent all of this time working on  painting and the teacher came by and said it’s abvious you know how to draw now why don’t you use a projector to get you through the drawing phase faster.

I think the projector can work but not on my style  ., let me explain!. When new artist try to draw lets say a human body they tend to want to simplify everything. They want to make the body with straight lines when the human body there is not a single straight line on it. When an artist is drawing the curves of a body he is constantly fighting his mind. The mind wants to simplify everything. The challenge is telling your mind it is wrong and disassibling the image and breaking the codes of your mind. Drawing is a mind workout. I think with my style and personality I like error. I like it when I discover the drawing was all out of wack and I like finding the solutions to these porportion problems. I also like leaving cleus of where I messed up or turning a mess up into a motion or a background. I think error shows are humanity and that is what I am trying to paint. To use a projector goes against everything I believe in. OK so this is a negative thought and I dont and should not say it but I can’t help it and hey at least I am telling it to my blog and not actual people. It almost like telling it to my diary right……Yeh no harm in that…… Except not at all because the whole point of a diary is that nobody is going to read it but you and therefore if somebody does read it and gets offended they should of not red it in the first place. However I feel like everybody secretly  wants people to read there diary….Oh back to that negative thought. Before I use a negative thought I will start it with a positive one. There are some very good murals in my neighborhood…That was the positive thought….Now the negative, and it is weird how my heart starts racing when something makes me mad.  Certain things just rock my core and I get all worked up about them. Well I don’t need to say it I, I don’t need to get all worked up. I am going to leave it at that….There are some really good murals in my neighborhood….And it is the truth there are and I should focus on them not…Ahhh Self Blog therapy

no painting tonight.

I am to tired. Long day.  I am going for nine hours of sleep tonight….. I just ate a bunch of ice cream. You need   break sometimes to gain strength. I am so excited to sleep…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Now he is Passing cars an aggressive driver.

He is late for work, or he is in a hurry to go home and watch the bachelor.