I read a cool bumper sticker the other day it said do not believe everything you think.

So this painting is kinda about a dark thought that I have bout humanity. I geuse I am asking when is it going to stop. When are we going to stop polluting stop growing and stop tearing down nature and creating garbage. You know what i am talking about I don’t feel like I need to explain the modern state any more than I have. This is a common thought.

How many lanes are our highways going to have in the future? Is Alaska going to be all oil fields. Is humanity heading towards a breaking point and is that breaking point soon or far away. Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, I feel like we are all sick. I feel like it is in our nature to destroy, pollute, and take over.We are greedy and we look out for our own interest. Sometimes I feel like we are all driving on the highway heading for a big cliff and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. We are just a virus that expands consumes everything until there is nothing left to eat.

Sorry readers for putting you through that. I know when I hear artist rant off about things I tend to not listen or say they should focus more on their paintings. But it is a thought that I have sometimes and it turned into a painting, and I thought of this thought after the painting so I needed to explain it. It is not a thought that I believe in. I read a cool bumper sticker the other day. It said do not believe everything that you think. I have lots of thought go through my head. Some thoughts are crazy. Well most of them are pretty crazy but every once in a while a thought is so crazy so out there that it could work. Next year I am takeing this thing on the road. 365 abroad. I am going to call the project”WATER MY PLANTS WHEN I AM GONE” I’m keeping my studio and I am going to bring my plants there. My friend is going to collect my paintings from around the world and hang them in my studio and water my plants when I am gone. OK bck to the real world I have to go study “Medals in the Plant “now…..BYE



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