Bad Dreams…Not bad as in scary but bad as in not very good!

I had a dream that I was in an earthquake last night in San Francisco at my art studio. The world was shaking but it was not that bad. Sounds kinda crazy but it was is as my mind was trying to create a scenerio of an earthquake situation for whatever reason it could not create a good version of an earthquake. I remember questioning the events as if they did not make since. Things in my dream were not making since. Like the building I was in was falling. The only way I came up with that in the dream is by judging its position to the buildings I could see down town. They were all straight up but my art studio window was way of plumb in comparison to the horizon line. I remember questioning this because later in the dream my building was back to normal and plumb. There is no way a building with wood supports could flex that much and spring back to normal. It is not made of steel it does not have tension joints.  More Things did not make since but in I  can’t put my finger on it.  I just kept saying this can’t be real. My brother Nathan was there. I told him in the dream that things don’t line up these events are not making since. The only sollution we could come up with is that somehow I was drugged and did not know it.

So what I m getting at is that my mind tried to scare me with this scary dream for whatever reason but it did not work. It was like when a scary campfire story goes wrong and the kids are not frightened. Nice try brain but you did not scare me.


One response to “Bad Dreams…Not bad as in scary but bad as in not very good!

  1. Linda Radwanski

    Strength is what you ended up with! Lots of different kinds if strength! Awesome!

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