Bear Grillz Style

If you ever attempt painting 365 paintings you may find yourself behind enemy lines with no supplies. If you are going to make it out here you have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to survive. I am am going to give you the tools to survive and get out alive.
I had no supplies but do to the nature of this project I had to paint. I am in sactown at my parents house with no art supplies so and darkness is upon me.

It was time to act quick. I used window caulking for some texture. Then found some old house paint as a base for my paintings. Next I destroyed some crayola markersĀ  and highlighter pens to create pigment…. There are no winners in war.

It was a long hard night, it was not pretty but I made it out and back to civilization.

That’s why I love this project if I was not forced to produce I would not of have learned how to get the center part out of a highlighter pen. Chow

Bear Grillz style


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