Well, I think it is safe to say looking at my walls of paintings that the major theme of this series is traffic. Not urban landscapes but traffic.I can say that I am a traffic painter. I paint traffic, it is what I paint.

Well what now. Well this visual obsession found me and stuck with me. I have tried to shake it but I can’t. I always come back to it and I probably always will, at least for the next few years. This is a good thing, I know what I want to paint and I have the ability to paint it over and over and expand on it.

So why traffic, well you may need to talk a Psychiatrist to figure out this mental disorder. A traffic scene for me is something that is beautifully disgusting. It describes my view on the modern state of humanity. Sometimes a traffic scene for me is overwhelming and I am amazed by man ability to create such an elaborate system. It is like the freeways are the bloodline of humanity. The way freeways lay on the surface of the earth at night reminds me of vains on the human body. The freeways also act as bloodlines transporting food and supplies to other parts of the body. I often think that if the freeways ever stopped flowing I think humanity would be over. As long as those lights are moving we are ok.

I also see these light at night as human mark on the land. Flying over the earth on a plane you can see our mark on the world very clearly.  We are like a certain kind of ant or insect that make certain patterns in the dirt. Where ever we go we leave or signature on the land. From above the earth in  plane at night humanity looks so simple. It  is a growing organism that expands in geometric shapes.

OK so what do I  do now that I know what to paint and why to paint it. Let me go to the busy cities in the world and expand my visual obsession. I am going to save money, have art shows, and focus my attention of depicting humanities mark on the land. Perhaps creating awareness or more understanding worldwide on the modern human state.


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