When I crash at a friends house I not only bring myself but my paints. It’s like a part of me know. I am a person that is there in the conversation but not 100% maybe 50% because I am painting. I I have got good at splicing painting  into my life. Painting everywhere is something I have gotten used to but  I think others, like the rest of the world has not.

Got a little stirr crazy in the at studio yesterday. Me and Tom decided to do some painting outside a Delores Park. I bragged to tom, dud we will just throw some paints in a box and carry it out there. Tom tried to poor out some yellow and the top blew of. It was complete wardrobe destruction. His socks, shoes, coat, and sweatshirt were lost on this cold Day.

I don’t want to tell you how long this painting took, but it took a long time.


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