Do Not Overload The Machines.

That Stupid gambling machine at MR bubbles Laundry took all my quarters and again I had to go home with wet clothes.

So this painting may not hold its own but something happens when you put all of these paintings together. They play off of each other. This painting was painted

A because I was at MR Bubbles  and I ran out of quarters to gamble.

B. Because I had nothing going through my brain on what to paint. I looked up and there it was.

C. Because as a whole the projects needs breaks. These breaks balance and allow you’re eye to skip through the 365 paintings.

The project as a whole although not directly intended this way has become one piece. It is a painted quilt. The subject matter becomes secondary and the tiny brush strokes that describe form should be seen as just brush stokes. This happens because the eye is overwhelmed with imagery and the brain just focuses on colors and patterns………… But then you’re eye catches an image and it singles it out from the mass of colors.

When I am on the way out of my studio sometimes I get caught up looking at this wall of paintings and I get lost in thought. I often don’t end up leaving for 20 to thirty minutes. I don’t really know what I think about when looking at. Maybe I am thinking about my year of painting. The wall allows me to get lost, there are so many memories on that wall. Some of them good, some bad. Some things on that wall  I think about over and over and I wish I could go back in time and reverse my actions. I am guilty in life of just forgetting the bad memories I think we all are. These paintings allow me to revisit my year and it does not allow me to forget. But somehow when I revisit these paintings it is not as bad. I can rationalize the situations better. The events are in context more because I remember them better. I can think to my self well maybe next time something like this comes up I will do this instead of just forgetting what happened and repeating. I am teaching myself through painting.

As an artist I used to think painting is something you just do and that you are good at and it was just about making things look cool. Now I am starting to understand that artist think differently, and they must use there craft to help them understand the world around them.


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