21 March, 2011 21:55

Sunset at toll plaza from imagination! Something happened. I used to paint from imagination for the challenge. Now I am starting to do it because it works better that from visual references. Everything I need is in my brain. True story. I had a dream  I was right in the middle of an orange freeway, while I was in Tahoe. I always have wondered if our dreams are visually detailed or if  just think they were when we wake up. So there I was in this beautiful sunset and I remember thinking to myself is this real. So I looked at the freeway for details, if it was a dream then it may look like a ripped of DVD or something. When I looked for details boy did I get them. All the cars had shadows the definition in the clouds was amazing. I remember my eyes adjusted from looking at things close up and far away and it all looked so real.  The sounds and the feel of the cars whizzing by It was even more realistic than reality. I think this dream was a gift from somewhere. It is amazing that the mind can recreate an image in better resolution than any high def TV. With this painting I am simply trying to revisit that place in my mind during that dream. I just have to follow the bread crumbs back to it.


3 responses to “21 March, 2011 21:55

  1. Looking forward to seeing these in person. Where did you first see racoon lady? You could start a video series like the one talking about wheatpasting in bathrooms. Good idea. maybe we can splurge and print some work in color if it’s a good bathroom. I have a black and white at the studio. Let’s have a glue sniffing party i mean making. nice commentary on the photo from minna- reading that made it one of my favorites too. Maybe Coca Cola cut those trees down. Glad you captured your Tahoe dream and keep up the good writing.

  2. hey moderator I realized there were a lot of compliments in that reply so I’d like to balance that with go to hell and good night

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