FLOWER ENVEY – My favorite Piece at 111 Minna “RAW”. 3/24/2011.

Ok, my favorite one is Kelly ,” Show me the way”.What stands out to me is the power of color. I am bias even though I am trying not to let my own conceptions come out. You see this faceless woman who fits the role of beauty…..The color and figure helps define this. but then you have destruction, Fallen trees. it is man that downed these trees. It is a painting…. Sorry …. It is a photo that shows humanity as a beautiful but destructive force. Humanity has the ability to produce vibrant yellows that flowers wish they could produce. It shows mans rein over nature. We can take her fruits and exploit them. I highly doubt the artist, Kelly intended this but because it provoked this thought means that it is working on many levels.


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