Portrait of Daniel Robert Juenemann

I guess I have always looked up to male role models of strength. Guys like Rocky, Bear Grillz and Brian Wilson.

Daniel Robert Juenmann is no Tuff Guy.  If he was in a fight with a 4th grader who was slightly strong for his age I would put my money on the fourth grader.  I however still look up to him as a male role model. He is one of the most generous persons I have ever met. He always puts others needs before his and he always listens to what others have to say. It is no wonder why I have not met anybody yet who has had something bad to say about him….Although he has assured me they exist!  My roommate told me if he defecated on her floor that she would not be mad. He is not only kind but he has  taste for quality, he is a true gentleman. I tried to capture him in this painting!


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