Work and Destroy?

So as I get closer to the final project it is less about the individual painting and more about making the whole thing. This Piece is meant to shatter, change and create movement to the large panel on the right. Originally I was going to make the horse super detailed. Something magical. But hey, I have been changing lately. I do not need to prove to anyone I can paint detail. I know I can and there is time and place for that. I got this painting to point where my hand would not allow me to paint anymore. When this happens I stop painting. There was a color balance and an impressionist looseness that I could not let my paint brush deform. It is not my most detailed painting but it has movement and I am learning that color and layers can speak louder than image. What is important is mood. I do not consider myself a luck painter. My process is very open ended and very loose and yes I set myself up hoping the right things will happen and when they do happen I stop. This is something I have learned from 365. Before the project started I was guilty of the opposite problem. I would work and destroy and rework and destroy. I don’t feel the need to destroy as much anymore.
I cant wait until I can paint some large oil on canvas. It is going to be awesome. I have paintings sitting in my head, they are resting kinda right behind my eyes I can feel them. They are waiting to come out. I have subconsciously planned them. They are ready to come out now and it wont be long!


One response to “Work and Destroy?

  1. Love the post and your commentary… how could you not learn even more about your paintings and talents after this monstrous undertaking? Bravo Tony!

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