The end.

I wanted the final two paintings to be a display of what  learned and where I am going. I want to perhaps foreshadow the future of my art endeavors. So here is what I am working on. Last night I was at an art opening at a gallery called the “Artist Alley”. There was a photo there that stuck me.  Something about this photo seemed to explain time and place. Like somebody had great memories there. It was a photo of a rope swing that brought me back to my youth on the Sacramento River. I began looking at every detail of the photo. No joke I spent an hour looking at this photo. I built a scene in my head about this place. There were many clues to the personality of this place. I noticed things like the tree that the rope swing was on was stripped of its branches most likely used for fire wood. I looked at the photograph as an investigator would look at a crime scene. I then came up with this idea.

For this 365  project I have used  variety of methods to create paintings. I used direct observation, imagination, and photo references. The one thing that I did not use is notes. I thought how cool it would be if I took an hour to take notes on a place. Then go back to the studio and paint it. This way I would fully understand the place, it would be a painting of a place on this earth but the means of reproducing this place would be solely in my mind. This way I was not dependent on photograph or even direct observation. It would be a painting that is pure just put through my brain filter and spit back out.

So that is what I am doing for my last two. I will not write all of my notes that I took on this photo because I want to get to work but I will write down some of them so you get an idea of what I am working with.

“The first thing I notice is a feeling of swamp land. There is a feeling of swamp or murky water. Green and brown. The reflection of the trees is green but the water is brown. So you get this green brown color combo that works well. The green of course is the reflection of the trees and the brown is the part of the water that is part of the sky reflection. It is brown  because the water is very dirty so it does not completely take on that blue sky. There is a lot of blue and brown mixing in the water ripples in the extreme foreground. This layering of blue and brown mutes into a brown gray. You are actually seeing two layers of color in reality that give the appearance of that gray.

In the extreme foreground we have a blotch of baseball infield dirt. It looks as if it has been kicked around for an entire game of baseball. This dirt area takes up about 2/8 or 3 16 of the bottom of the painting. Above this dirt is an area of dead twigs that fell from the rope swing tree. No color of life in these large twigs, but in this area that takes up 1/20 of the ventricle area there is signs of life. There are two bushes on the right about the size and shape of tumble weeds. The bush on the far right is cut off by the frame so you only see half of it. The bush closer to the right is greenish red on the color spectrum. The green and the red are the same color intensity but are on opposite sides of th color wheel. The colors do combine a bit but for the most part the overall color of this bush is created by combinations of blotches of color that become one color. Kinda like pointillism approach.”

So you get the point!  These notes go on for 9 more full pages of my note-book.

So I am going to paint this now and then I will be completed with this project. What a great project it has been.

I just want to think everyone who has supported me and everybody who has followed my blog throughout the year. It really helped pull me through on those hard days when I did not feel like painting. This project would not of been completed without this support!


2 responses to “The end.

  1. great idea!!! So proud of you meeting your goal… it says a lot about you!

  2. we love ya fool can’t wait for the show

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