So what now.

Man I love painting. And I love the fact that I do not have to do a painting everyday. I can really polish paintings now and bring to a level that was just not possible in one day.

With that being said I can with out a doubt write this with all honesty.  The 365 painting project has done more for me as an artist than anything I have ever done.

This painting of the golden gate was just a warm up. Just to get me going.

So what do I have to make a new blog now….All in time…I need to ween myself off of this one. The 365 Blog is still relevant because these paintings are the product of the project!

Another thing I wanted to say. I love the Golden Gate Bridge and I don’t care how many times it has been photographed painted and so on. I m going to still paint it. Call me a sell out or whatever then so be it…..

If feels good to be talking to my blog again also. Writing allows one to refine his thoughts. Bed Time


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